Monday, November 7, 2011

Ugandan Art Ideas

Soap Carved Mask:
Just finished my first ever soap carving- how did I escape childhood without doing this? This is a possible craft for our school's Cultural Arts Day on Uganda in 2012. With 30-45 minutes, the kids may need to finish at home if they are perfectionists like their art teacher.
*Tools: plastic knife, chopstick, toothpick and popsicle sticks.
Remember to look at all sides while carving. Be prepared- soap dust everywhere! At the end, kids will need to wash hands with water only.

2D African Mask:
The 4th & 5th graders are drawing African masks with oil pastel & pastel right now in art class (see above sample and directions below). We will watch a video of a mask dance/rite from Western Africa

**ADDENDUM ON MASKS: we learned during our African studies that masks are more Western African than Eastern. Thank you to Francis, Ed, Elizabeth and company for all your great work on Cultural Arts Day!

Batik with spray bottle:  Another idea for a craft rotation.
*Tools: white crayon or candle, paper, diluted paint in spray bottle (I used tempera), paper towels
Kids draw designs, adult teaches proper "spray bottle techniques" (quick, open & close motion~ not slow and incomplete pull). Each kid gets up to 4 sprays, then wipes off extra "dye" with a paper towel. A new, double-folded school paper towel is placed around batik like a folder to get home safely.
Beaded Necklaces:  
Tools: recycled glossy mailings (campaign mailings, Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons, etc), scissors, glue, old pencils, string, pony beads
Kids will make necklaces in art class before CAD, to be worn the day of.