Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weaving trick

I can't believe I've been teaching this lesson for 11 years and only now did this trick come about. A thoughtful parent volunteer slid paper under the center of the loom while the kids were weaving their designs (such as squares and rectangles). It's so smart! Wonderful trick!!!

Rolled Paper Beads a Success!

The rolled paper beads the 4th-5th graders (and a few 3rd graders) made for our Cultural Arts Day on the Lake Victoria Region of Africa were amazing! This was a lot of work but it was fun to make something so beautiful out of recycled paper. Each bead started off as an isosceles triangle, cut from junk mail or old magazines. A little glue and a little patience is then all it took to form a lovely, biconal bead. All students at our school wore the necklaces, that were handmade by the 4th-5th graders, on Cultural Art Days. The lovely BeadforLife ladies visited us that day and many families purchased necklaces made in Uganda to wear as well. The excitement was contagious!
Women in Uganda make these exact types of beads and beaded jewelry. The only difference is they seal the beads to make them waterproof and they make hundreds of beads. The sales of these necklaces help the women and their families have a better life. Many women invest the money they earn and start their own businesses, in many fields, after their 18-month training with BeadforLife. Check out the necklaces at  This is a great project for kids and adults with a wonderful community and global connection.

Photos: necklace created by 3rd grader, Beadforlife bracelets, The Spirit of Uganda dance troop
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