Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Love Baby-Led Weaning for the newest Noon
(love that little girl too!)

I can't say enough good things about giving Claudia real foods at 6 months. No spoons or purees, just soft enough stick-like food she can pick up and gnaw on. I'm all about "Baby-Led Weaning" and recommend it to any family that has a healthy 6+ month old, doctor's (somewhat) blessing and a kid who can sit up and hold things. Claudia just loves trying out new foods and hangin' with the family at the kitchen table, Perbacco's table, Grandma's table, picnicking at the park...what fun! So far she's had an array of fruits, meats (salmon, chicken, ribs, meatballs, tri-tip), and veggies (carrots and broccoli are a favorite).
As you can see I haven't added to my blog in a year. Our family has moved to a new home and city (we love the burbs!) and had a new baby. But this new way of introducing foods to babies is newsworthy in our house! I promise to post a bit about some exciting art teaching stuff that I've been up to soon.
Why I'm sold on Baby-led Weaning:
-Claudia is exploring different tastes, textures
-she chooses what she eats (from our healthy choices)
-Her meal is rarely rushed since she's just eating when we eat and what we eat. Mealtime is social time.
-Less food prep, no jarred food (granted I'm steaming, roasting foods to right consistency for her but we are eating yummy foods because of her and vice versa)
-Great hand-eye coordination builder
-I think this will pay off big time when she's older. She's eating better than her 3 year old sister now.
There's lots of info on the web about BLW. Visit babyledweaning.com and check out the book of the same name by Rapley and Murkett. If you try this out, bone up on your Heimlich/CPR and get everyone taking care of your baby onboard too. Speaking of safety, I have to remind myself to wash Claudia's hands before eating and check her mouth after for big pieces. I found I had to do a little homework before beginning this since I'd spoon-fed Eliana (well I'll be honest that her wonderful daycare did most of it- thankfully I've been home this summer for Claudia's first meals). Thanks for reading this. Even if you don't try with your baby, maybe you'll know what's up when you see the baby at the table next to you in a restaurant noshing on a hunk of meat. They're probably in heaven, teething again, getting some nutrients. Okay all this talk about food, gotta get a snack myself...
Bon Appetit!