Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cultural Arts Day (India) - follow up

Double Rainbow! The clouds parted and the rain held off for Cultural Arts Day 2014. The day was a success with beautiful presentations and explorations through India's people, history, art, dance, food, sports, clothing, etc. Thank you to all the parent volunteers for your hard work. The kids were engaged, calm, inspired and enjoying themselves. Below are a few photographs from the day...
(Double Rainbow photograph by Tomas Ybarrola)

                                           Athmika's mendhi (she did both hands herself)

                                            Kinder & 5th Mehndi drawings

Mehndhi/Henna drawings - K-5 grade students all drew mendhi hand and feet drawings over the past 3-4 weeks. Some even tried emulating the henna "cone" with little puff paint squeeze bottles. We learned the elements of henna see and the language of India through it's art and symbols. No henna was applied to kids' skin at school. Why not? Allergies to henna are rare but a possibility. Organic henna would have needed to be prepared from scratch or purchased from a local henna artist. Permission slips would have been required. Clothes probably would've gotten was really tempting though. The kids did get mendhi style rubber stamps on hands as they left yoga, which was one of the choice activities at lunch. There is still a possibility we will henna drums at school. Stay tuned...

P.S. Doing henna on your own? Use fresh, organic henna if possible and NEVER use "Black Henna" See the Resources section in the post prior to this if you're looking to purchase henna.

Encinal Eagles rock!

Mrs. Noon's own henna

-  note the ABC's on my foot. 3rd-5th are studying cursive following the henna unit since many henna elements are cursive marks and as an effort to keep cursive alive!

-  henna studies moved beyond the classroom and I'm working my way towards doing henna professionally part time (see my portfolio over the past 6 weeks at ). I plan to charge this summer for henna work. I'm now doing small henna gatherings for free (or for the cost of materials, nominal) as a chance to practice. So friends, book me now  :)

Paris, 5th grade (fish)  ???? (fish)
                                                                               Mrs. Noon's name in Hindi

Rangoli by Bita

Namaste! Next week we are on to the wonderful world of Fiber Arts (sewing, weaving, etc). I hope to bring the calmness from these yoga and henna studies into our next round of lessons.