Saturday, June 18, 2011

Week 11, Tennis Week, August 15-19

1A/B Mr. Tennis Ball
*old tennis balls, flat thumbtacks, pipe cleaners, t-pins, yarn, permanent markers, any other craft supplies to decorate
Each camper creates a Mr. Tennis Ball (a la Mr. Potato Head). For safety reasons, JCs need to push pins in for younger students. First stick 2 thumbtacks in the tennis ball for eyes and color pupils with markers. Fold, cut and twist pipe cleaners to create arms & legs. T-pins connect the appendages to the tennis ball. In this example the leg is one big pipe cleaner (pinned in the middle). The arms are shorter pipe cleaners and each one is folded in half. The hands are formed at the the folded end. Shoulders need to be folded a 1/2"-1" to be able to push t-pins into the shoulder & tennis ball. Hair is formed the way the pom-pons were formed in Week 5 (see Week 5 Blog).

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 10, August 8, Around the World Week

1AB Japanese Tanabata Festival Wishes
See Week 5, Lesson 1

2A Balinese Masks
*copied templates, strips of paper for strap, markers, stapler
Info: Exhibit at Asian Art Museum summer 2011~ Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance
Photograph of Barong Mask
Information on Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance
Barong mask representing supernatural beings, used in dance rituals.
Kids will: Color mask & wings, tape wings behind ears and fold ears forward. Measure 18" strip of paper around child's head. Take paper off head and staple paper headband in place and to the mask itself. Wear as a crown or an adult can cut the eyes of the mask out to fit on face.
Balinese Barong Boar Dance  

Week 9, August 1, Go Green Week

Extra project: Flip Flops from cereal boxes
*empty cereal boxes, scissors, pencils, masking tape
Note: kids can make flip flops throughout the week. The Louise Nevelson project listed below will allow for extra time for other projects (example- gluing base will only take 15 minutes).
Instructions: Cut open empty cereal box and trace both feet. Cut out tracing. Cut and attach any number and widths of straps. Tape straps to base of foot. Best for indoor use. 

Week 8, July 25, Outerspace Adventure Week

Week 7, July 18, Pirate Week Art Lessons

1A: Folded Paper Hats
*newspaper, scissors, scotch tape, materials to decorate

Written Paper Hat directions

Video & Written Paper Hat directions

Most newspapers need to be cut a bit to create the paper hat. A full 2 page spread will need to be cut to 18" in length (with the fold centered in the  middle at 9") This will yield a larger hat. A smaller hat can be created from the Real Estate or Entertainment sections with a little trimming. A smaller hat can also be created from the top section of a 2 page spread~ just cut most of the bottom part off of the spread and open up one of the bottom folds by cutting.

Week 6, July 11, Swim Week Art Lessons

1A/B Pastel Sand dollar Drawing
*pastels, black paper, pencils, real or photographs of sand dollars, lesson plan handout
 After viewing and learning about sand dollars, kids will draw 3-5 sand dollars. Sand dollars are then colored with pastels. Be careful not to blow dust from pastels (can irritate eyes/noses/mouth). Shake dust into garbage. Spray completed drawings with aerosol hairspray to "fix" the pastel and keep from smudging. Wet drawings can be stacked, they will dry eventually and stacking keeps drawings from severely curling.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week 4, June 27, Wild West Week

1A, 1B - Draw horses.
*materials: paper, pencils, crayons
See handout on drawing horses. Kids first warm up by standing at table, drawing large ovals with pencil on the back of their paper. Encourage moving their arm from their shoulder in big, loose movements- draw lightly- keep the movement fluid. Pencil moves around and around. Try thinner ovals- first vertically, then horizontally (almost creating rings on a planet). Let the oval become smaller.

Camp Arts & Crafts Lessons~ Looking ahead to the Creative Summer

Venus Star - Superheroine by Stephanie
I'm so excited to develop lessons for GGTSC Kids Camp 2011. Eliana and I will get to hang out this summer, develop art lessons and enjoy life with the family.

Supplies for the summer: in addition to regular art supplies like crayons and scissors, we'll need yarn, beads, polymer clay and/or shrinky dink plastic. Also please collect stuff for Week 9, Go Green Week  (think recycled items like cereal boxes, corks and old keys). See *materials required at the top of each lesson plan.

Posts will follow, at least one for every week of the 12 weeks of camp. Note that lessons "A" are geared for younger kids and "B" lessons are for older kids. If lessons only take 3 days, then day 4 is a time to experiment with the materials and skills learned during the week or free draw/create. Enjoy the fun Arts & Crafts lessons happening at GGTSC Kids Camp this summer!