Friday, August 5, 2011

The Art Room is going Green!

I've struggled over the years to get paper, and only paper, in the paper recycling bin in the art room. The kids have good intentions but in the rush of clean up and desire to go "free draw" rather than walk a few extra steps to the correct garbage can, we find interesting things in the recycling bin (and plenty of paper in the garbage can). So this June, Sarah, who will be in 5th grade this fall, painted my recycling bin! A picture says a thousand words right? Hopefully this will be a great reminder to recycle and conserve resources. Who wouldn't want to help conserve materials and preserve animal's habitats when viewing this lovely mural-in-the-round?

This beautiful painting will help kick off our fall theme~ Go Green! We will make better environmental choices in the art room, continue collecting recycled materials to make art out of (see previous "Go Green" post) and do some nature studies. I have hopes to draw from nature (flowers, leaves, sticks, trees, insects), do leaf rubbings, work with sand and rocks again and create art out of dried gourds.

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  1. I know the feeling Stephanie! let's hope this works for name is raymond, you met my Janet and daughter Mia a few weeks ago at seesaw I. Hayes valley...I teach art at the carey school in San Mateo. just reschin out to connect, as it's always hard to find other art teachers...where do you teach?