Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Week 6 Abracadabra!

Spin Art
*Salad spinner (I used the OXO small herb spinner), 4"x4" white thick drawing or construction paper, tempera paints, space to dry art flat
**If you want to sponge paint after, have some sponges and extra on hand
Place paper inside salad spinner and put a few drops of paint onto paper. I was surprised at how much paint you need. Close top and spin away. Open top of spinner and voila, your beautiful spin art is complete and just needs to dry. These are beautiful on their own or could be used for many craft activities (I think they would make great notecards). See idea below for excess paint (which you'll have a fair amount of and seems like a waste to send down the sink).

After removing "drain basket", there will be lots of paint remaining on the sides of the bowl. This can be a great opportunity to sponge paint. I used sponges on a stick but any sponge would work. There's beautiful colors hiding and that rich brown. This could be lovely abstract or non-objective art or turn the painting into something. The curved line could become a roller coaster, one might turn into a dinosaur after drawing on top of dried paint. The circles could become cupcakes with some glitter and jewels. Let your imagination run wild!

Shrinky Dinks
See past Camp lessons 2011 on this blog.

Oobleck (repeat from Week 1)
*Cornstarch, water, food coloring, paper/plastic bowls (1 per child), little paper cups/ziploc bags to take home mixture if desired
Arts & Crafts? Maybe not. Fun and mad science? Definitely! See more info at
(note- blue food dye stains for a day or so, other colors did not)

Spray bottles and/or Watercolor Resist
see week 1 lessons, Mad Scientist Week

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