Friday, May 25, 2012

Week 8- Camp Olympics

Olive Wreath (younger campers)
*green pipe cleaners (2 per child), green construction paper, hole punches, scissors
note: The first Olympic games were held in 776 BC. The olive tree played a crucial role in this event. The Olympic Winners were awarded with a crown woven from olive branches...The first Olympic torch was a burning olive branch. info from Olympic activities website
-Cut leaves (teach kids how they can cut a few at once by folding paper). Punch a hole near the end of each leaf. String leaves onto the pipe cleaners. Cut to size and twist ends together. Proudly wear your new wreath!

Clay Pendant/ Medal
*air dry clay, cookie cutters, clay tools (toothpicks, popsicle sticks), straws (for hole in pendant), red/white/blue ribbon, glue gun (note- hot glue did not keep ribbon connected so I ended up duct taping ribbon to the medal. I have found E6000 Glue glues almost anything but it's an adult only job and takes a day to dry).
See clay instructions, week 4
Alternative: Cardboard Relief Medals similar to the Gold Rush coins (see Week 4 lessons)

Red, White & Blue Bracelets
*red, white and blue yarn (or include embroidery floss for older kids), masking tape or clipboards (possibly pony beads for younger kids)
Repeat Japanese braiding in red, white & blue yarn or make friendship bracelets.
Directions for "4" Friendship bracelet:
Kids cut 2 pieces of yarn, each as long as one arm. Take both pieces and tie an overhand knot. Tape above the knot or clip onto clipboard. Take the left yarn and make a #4. As you pull the knot tight, stretch the yarn on the left up high (hold the yarn on the right down, towards your tummy). Do that twice to make a double knot. Then reverse it. Take the yarn on the righthand side, tie a backwards #4. Pull the right yarn up high. Continue until it’s the desired length.

~For a variation, try 3 strings. You'll need to cross over 2 strings at once, rather than only 1. For the example below (and in it's completed form above, I tied 4 knots rather than 2).
~"Chevron" example (above) not listed here but Stephanie can share lots of friendship bracelet techniques upon request. I love the Klutz book on friendship bracelets!

Variation for younger campers:
Provide yarn and pony beads. They can string the beads onto yarn and create a necklace or bracelet.

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