Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 12, August 22, Carnival Celebration Week

1A/B Hats! Hats! Hats!
*24" strip of paper (2"-4" in width), scrap paper, crayons, stapler, glue or tape
Kids can create any type of hat they want! A crown, Beach Blanket Babylon style hat, a fancy Kentucky Derby hat, court jester, a chef...the possibilities are endless! Decorate hats with crayons and cut out scrap paper and glue or tape. Adult needs to measure strip of paper around head when decorations are complete. Take hat off head and then staple the ends of the strip of paper together.


1A/B Carnival Masks
*construction paper, mask templates to trace, hole punch, yarn, staples, tongue depressors, crayons, other craft supplies to decorate 
Student selects a mask and traces mask on colored construction paper. Mask is cut out and decorated with crayons and craft supplies. Student chooses how to wear mask, with yarn or tongue depressor. 2 holes are punched for yarn and tongue depressor is stapled onto mask by an adult. Note- an adult needs to cut the eyes. The "rounder" mask should have eyes cut farther apart than shown here.

All week, all campers: Tie-Dye Camp T-Shirts
*Jacquard dyes & kit, squeeze bottles, white t-shirts, lots of rubberbands (I like the thicker ones), gloves (note: check for latex allergies, can use Nitrile gloves instead), water source: hose or sink, gallon ziploc bags for wet shirts
Laura is the tie-dye shirt expert! Stephanie's tips are: for the most vibrant colors, prewash shirts and read manufacturer's instructions. Show the designs that can be created using the handout (spirals, circles, etc.). Help younger kids with the rubberbands, you want them really tight since it's a resist technique. The rubberbands keep the dye off the shirt. Review how colors mix (color wheel is helpful). Red & Yellow=Orange, Blue & Yellow=Green, Blue & Red=Purple. If not cutting rubberbands off the shirts and rinsing them at camp, then send shirts home in sealed ziploc bags with child's name on bag and rinsing/washing directions attached.
Have fun!!!

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