Saturday, June 18, 2011

Week 11, Tennis Week, August 15-19

1A/B Mr. Tennis Ball
*old tennis balls, flat thumbtacks, pipe cleaners, t-pins, yarn, permanent markers, any other craft supplies to decorate
Each camper creates a Mr. Tennis Ball (a la Mr. Potato Head). For safety reasons, JCs need to push pins in for younger students. First stick 2 thumbtacks in the tennis ball for eyes and color pupils with markers. Fold, cut and twist pipe cleaners to create arms & legs. T-pins connect the appendages to the tennis ball. In this example the leg is one big pipe cleaner (pinned in the middle). The arms are shorter pipe cleaners and each one is folded in half. The hands are formed at the the folded end. Shoulders need to be folded a 1/2"-1" to be able to push t-pins into the shoulder & tennis ball. Hair is formed the way the pom-pons were formed in Week 5 (see Week 5 Blog).

2A/B: Tennis Frame
*8 popsicle sticks per child, glue, pom-pons, fun foam, markers, beads and any other craft decorations
Each camper will make one tennis themed frame. Fun foam can be drawn on and cut out. Yellow pom-pons look like tennis balls. Draw on the frame, add stickers, glitter/sand, just get crafty!

3A/B Accordian Book
*18"x4" strips of paper, construction paper, leftover Week 9 cereal boxes or other papers for the 2 book covers, glue, colored pencils, pencils
Each camper will create one accordian book and draw & write in it.
Info: Writing/pictures can include: a cartoon (adventures of Mr. Tennis Ball!), a diary of the week, an autograph book, a picture a day in 5 pages, game book (play dots, tic-tac-toe, pictionary, hang man, etc. on the pages)...the possibilities are endless!

Book Cover
Book Creation:
Fold paper the width of the cardboard cover (3"x4" cover yields 6 pages). Flip paper over and fold the next page the same width. Continue flipping and folding until you reach the end of the paper. Paper should have an up, down, up, down or mountain fold, valley fold, mountain fold, valley fold pattern to it. Fix the folds if needed. Glue book covers to the ends. Have fun illustrating and writing in your book! Tip: draw on the end papers last as colors appear darker & paper does not tear once the ends have dried.

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