Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 6, July 11, Swim Week Art Lessons

1A/B Pastel Sand dollar Drawing
*pastels, black paper, pencils, real or photographs of sand dollars, lesson plan handout
 After viewing and learning about sand dollars, kids will draw 3-5 sand dollars. Sand dollars are then colored with pastels. Be careful not to blow dust from pastels (can irritate eyes/noses/mouth). Shake dust into garbage. Spray completed drawings with aerosol hairspray to "fix" the pastel and keep from smudging. Wet drawings can be stacked, they will dry eventually and stacking keeps drawings from severely curling.

2A Beaded Fish
*pony beads, pipecleaners, string
Kaboose Website Directions  

2B Beaded Fish Keychain
*mini or regular pony beads, 30" hemp cord, keychain ring (optional)
(see week 4 lessons for directions)

3A/B Pop-up Sea Creature Card
*2 sheets paper (preferably different colors), scissors, glue, crayons/ markers
Directions on Enchanted Learning 

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