Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 7, July 18, Pirate Week Art Lessons

1A: Folded Paper Hats
*newspaper, scissors, scotch tape, materials to decorate

Written Paper Hat directions

Video & Written Paper Hat directions

Most newspapers need to be cut a bit to create the paper hat. A full 2 page spread will need to be cut to 18" in length (with the fold centered in the  middle at 9") This will yield a larger hat. A smaller hat can be created from the Real Estate or Entertainment sections with a little trimming. A smaller hat can also be created from the top section of a 2 page spread~ just cut most of the bottom part off of the spread and open up one of the bottom folds by cutting.

1B 2 activities:
#1 Activity: Day 1 of Treasure Map
*strong tea or watercolors, white construction/drawing paper, brushes or tea bags
Fold paper into sections to look like a map. Unfold and paint paper with tea/brown watercolor or just rub tea bag onto paper. Add more tea to some areas and remove stain from other areas with a paper towel. Let dry flat.

#2 Activity: Shrinky Dink Charm (for necklace)
*shrinky dink plastic, permanent markers and/or colored pencils & sand paper, pirate images, hole punch, toaster oven, hot pad or towel, tongs or clothespin
Kids will draw a pirate image for a charm, for their "Pirate Necklace". Remember that shrinky dinks shrink to 1/3 of their original size (so work larger). Permanent markers draw on plain shrinky dinks and colored pencils draw on rough shrinky dink plastic (which can be roughened up with sand paper). Punch hole before baking (punch a few to make a larger hole as this shrinks too and can be difficult to string yarn through if too small). Bake according to directions. Remove hot shrinky dink carefully (can be gently flattened while still warm~ use folded paper to protect hands).  

 2A Shrink Dink Charm (for necklace)
See previous lesson

2B Pirate Charm Necklace
*charm, assorted beads (pony beads are an easy size to thread), yarn

3A Pirate Charm Necklace
See previous lesson
3B Day 2 of Treasure Map
*paper, brown pencil/ink
Draw treasure map complete with labels, a compass, depth of ocean, treasures, legend, etc.
See handout for tips on what to include in your map.

Maggie's Drawing

3B Alternative Lesson: Pirate Drawings
*Dover handouts, paper, pencil, ship model
Students choose to draw one of the choices: from the Mayflower Ship model or Dover handout of pirates, treasure chest & ship

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