Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 10, August 8, Around the World Week

1AB Japanese Tanabata Festival Wishes
See Week 5, Lesson 1

2A Balinese Masks
*copied templates, strips of paper for strap, markers, stapler
Info: Exhibit at Asian Art Museum summer 2011~ Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance
Photograph of Barong Mask
Information on Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance
Barong mask representing supernatural beings, used in dance rituals.
Kids will: Color mask & wings, tape wings behind ears and fold ears forward. Measure 18" strip of paper around child's head. Take paper off head and staple paper headband in place and to the mask itself. Wear as a crown or an adult can cut the eyes of the mask out to fit on face.
Balinese Barong Boar Dance  

2B Henna/Mendhi Hand Drawings 
*paper, black or brown thin markers, handouts of Henna/Mendhi designs
*eyeliner & eyeliner sharpeners kids can draw tattoos on their arms & legs. This could be a fun Friday activity.

Each child draws (more advanced) or traces (less advanced) their hand with pencil. They then add designs and patterns to the drawing with marker or pen, taking inspiration from Henna and Mendhi art. Henna is the Arabic term and Mendhi is the Indian term. This temporary tattoo is done all over the world on arms and feet for various reasons (weddings, childbirth, rite of passage, etc.).

3A/B Mexican Tin Art
*heavy aluminum foil (or thicker gauge metal), stylus (such as mechanical pencil with no lead, pen, stylus in photographs), permanent markers, images to trace, tape, magazine or stack of newspapers as a cushioned pad
Choose an image or draw your own on paper. Tape design over foil. Work on a 1/4" pad of magazine or newspaper. Trace image over with a stylus. Remove paper. Color and add detail and pattern to foil with permanent markers.

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