Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 8, July 25, Outerspace Adventure Week

1A/B  2 Activities

#1 Activity: Day 1 of Popicle Stick Frames
*8 popsicle stick per child, glue, pencil
Child writes name on back of one of the sticks. Places 2 sets of 2 sticks parallel to each other and put glue on each end. Place remaining 2 sets of 2 on top of first set. Allow to set and dry.

#2 Activity: Day 1 of Shrinky Dinks   OR   create embellishments & beads out of Polymer Clay
-Shrinky Dinks~ more info visit Week 6. Kids design a pendant for a pirate necklace.

-Polymer clay~ create beads or other "out of this world" creations.
*polymer clay (2-3 misc color sets), knife for adult to cut clay, pans or muffin tins, oven or toaster oven
Kids create beads by rolling and shaping clay. Punch hole in bead larger than desired as it will shrink a little or attach loop as shown in picture. Don't create anything paper thin or it may burn easily and be fragile. If wanting to create something large, use tin foil as armature (a much cheaper way to fatten up your sculpture). Bake according to manufacturer's instructions.
           Note: it's fun to marble the clay by rolling 2 canes in 2 different colors and twist together, then rolling again and twisting again. Repeat until clay is the desired marbled effect. Eventually the clay will turn one color. This is a good way to mix colors as well.
           Last note: In hundreds of students I've taught, one student was slightly allergic to the clay and did another activity instead.

2A/B Create necklaces and/or decorate frames
*Necklace materials: 36" yarn, beads
*Frame materials: popsicle stick frame, glue, markers, stickers, beads, etc.
Embellish your frame with craft items     ~OR~

Create a beaded necklace. Tip: For a bead with a loop in it, thread the bead and slide bead to middle. Tie an overhand knot with both strands of yarn "looping and swooshing". Arrange pony beads, thread and have an adult tie the yarn plenty long enough around child's neck (we want a loose fitting necklace that is easy to take on and off).

3AB Pastel planets
*paper, pastels
Kids will create their own planet our outer space drawing. Colors can be blended with finger. Try blending colors that are neighbors on the color wheel for more success and vibrant colors. Opposite colors will yield brown.

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