Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Camp Arts & Crafts Lessons~ Looking ahead to the Creative Summer

Venus Star - Superheroine by Stephanie
I'm so excited to develop lessons for GGTSC Kids Camp 2011. Eliana and I will get to hang out this summer, develop art lessons and enjoy life with the family.

Supplies for the summer: in addition to regular art supplies like crayons and scissors, we'll need yarn, beads, polymer clay and/or shrinky dink plastic. Also please collect stuff for Week 9, Go Green Week  (think recycled items like cereal boxes, corks and old keys). See *materials required at the top of each lesson plan.

Posts will follow, at least one for every week of the 12 weeks of camp. Note that lessons "A" are geared for younger kids and "B" lessons are for older kids. If lessons only take 3 days, then day 4 is a time to experiment with the materials and skills learned during the week or free draw/create. Enjoy the fun Arts & Crafts lessons happening at GGTSC Kids Camp this summer!

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